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Tax Refund: Dates you’ll see average $2,200 refunds from IRS

Tax season is here and millions of Americans have already taken the time to file their tax returns with the IRS to receive their tax refund.

tax return forms to submit to the IRS for a tax refund

With the different expanded tax credits this year, many are anxiously awaiting their refund.

So far the IRS claims to have received 4.3 million tax returns for 2021.

131,000 individuals have received direct deposits for their 2020 tax returns.

IRS: Reasons your tax refund is late

When will I see my tax refund for 2021?

If you file your return this year electronically, the IRS has said you should see your refund within two to three weeks.

Paper returns can take six to eight weeks.

If you wait to file during peak tax season you’ll likely see some sort of delays.

IRS offers Penalty Abatement, but how do you use it?

The IRS is urging people to simply avoid the paper return option.

You’ll see your refund quicker if you choose direct deposit over a paper check as well.

Once submitted, you may use the Where’s My Refund Tool or IRS2Go app to track your refund.

Filing your 2022 tax returns with the IRS

You should file your taxes as soon as you can to help deter things like tax fraud.

Anyone claiming the earned income or child tax credit can expect their refund soon.

By law, there are regulations that stop refunds with these credits from going out before mid Feb. due to tax fraud.

State taxes: When will I see my state payment?

If you received letters from the IRS detailing your stimulus or child tax credit payments it’s important you properly report these amounts.

Any mistakes can result in major delays to your tax refund.

The IRS started accepting refunds Jan. 24 and will continue until the deadline on April 18.

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