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McDonald’s facing penalties

McDonald’s to be charged with penalties.

McDonalds store

Don’t you hate when you order food and it takes over an hour to get delivered?

This might be the story for you.

Keep reading to see what McDonald’s is doing about delivery.

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McDonald’s delivery

Most delivery restaurants guarantee that you’ll have your food by a certain time.

But is that always come on time?

Odds are no.

Then you’re stuck going back and fourth with the restaurant.

Well McDonald’s new deal with DoorDash might be music to your ears.

Starting in 2023 DoorDash will charge McDonalds added fees for late orders.

These fees will be applied to any order over four minutes late.

And will come out of the companies pre-order earnings.

Both companies believe that this new strategy will be good for business.

Customers are more likely to go through them if they know their food is on time guaranteed.

And theirs no better way of knowing your food will be on time.

Than knowing it will come out of the companies pockets if it doesn’t arrive on time.

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