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McDonalds is changing for the first time in 8 years

What change is McDonalds planning to make?

McDonald's restaurant

You most likely didn’t notice this due to McDonalds popularity.

But is the chain shrinking?

Restaurant chains that are shrinking

What is happening to McDonalds

In the last 8 years the fast food chain has closed more restaurants than it has opened.

This has most likely gone completely unnoticed by most.

With their constant new promotional items and menu changes most of us have been distracted.

With the chain’s ambition they are ready to start moving in the right direction.

The owner of the company, Kevin Ozan, announced that they are planning to open new locations in the U.S..

This is something they haven’t done since 2014.

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How many new McDonalds locations will there be?

Its unclear how many new McDonalds stores the U.S. will get in 2022.

But it has been said that more than 500 openings are expected.

The chain runs 13,5000 locations right now.

This makes McDonalds the third-largest chain after Starbucks and Subway.

Even though the company is planning to expand they are still suffering staff shortages and price increases on goods due to COVID.

Some restaurants still do not have open dining rooms.

And about 1% are affected by restricted hours due to understaffing.

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