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Walmart: New COVID policy

New COVID policy coming to Walmart.

Walmart store

Through out his pandemic business are constantly changing their policies.

Here is Walmart’s newest COVID policy.

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COVID regulation at Walmart

Through out this pandemic we have seen many new rules and regulations.

Stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask, disinfect everything in site.

Pretty much anything you can think of.

One regulation that it might not be as easy to keep track of is whether or not you need to wear a mask.

This one is referring to Walmart’s employees.

Back in December when Omicron cases were increasing the chain required all workers to wear a mask.

But as of recently the grocery chain will not longer be requiring vaccinated workers to wear masks.

Unvaccinated employees who work in the pharmacy are still be required to wear a mask.

This is quiet a turn around from when the pandemic had first started.

Walmart was one of the first supermarket chains to have a mask mandate for their employees.

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