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Walmart exposed by its own employees

Walmart employee exposes store in viral video

Walmart store

You may not have noticed every price increase at Walmart.

But the employees have.

This employee gave us all the details in this viral video.

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Walmart exposed

With Tik-Tok being one of the quickest platform to spread the word on.

This Walmart employee took the advantage to let us in on some of the stores prices raising.

Most of us have noticed by now our pantry staples have gone up.

Such as meat, dairy products and coffee.

But by the sound of it.

Those are not the only things with a changed price tag.

In this viral Tik-Tok video a worker highlights Walmart’s currant increases in prices.

The video caption “I’m Blown away every time I do price changes.”.

Was posted on February 3, 2022 by user

In the video they should old prices for paper plates and chocolate sauce that are now being replaced.

Both of these items had a $2.00 price increase.

Some other prices that were raised are the following

  • Baking powder- $0.40
  • Dog food- $2.00
  • Tomato soup- $0.20
  • Stuffing- $0.50

The next time you shop at Walmart be sure to check the price.

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