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Can I get reinfected by Omicron?

Scientists are still unsure if the Omicron variant can reinfect people.

Scientists are exploring if the COVID-19 variant, Omicron can reinfect

Can the subvariant infect me if I already had Omicron?

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Scientists are still looking for answers

We know Omicron’s subvariant, BA.2 is more contagious than the original variant, BA.1. The World Health Organization said that they expect to see BA.2 spread worldwide and become the dominant COVID-19 variant.

Even with this knowledge, the WHO said scientists are still unsure about subvariant reinfection.

The WHO is watching to see if BA.2 leads to a new round of COVID-19 infections in countries that already saw a rise in Omicron variant cases.

As of right now, the risk of BA.2 infecting those who already had BA.1 seems low.

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