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McDonalds: Are they copying Wendy’s?

Did McDonald’s copy Wendy’s?

McDonalds restaurant

Fast Food chains copying each other is not unheard of.

But did McDonalds take it too far?

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Taco Bell puts spin on old favorite

McDonald’s new Burgers

Wendy’s has always been best known for its square burgers.

They have been the only fast food chain to have them.

That is until now.

McDonald’s how now introduced two square burgers to its menus in Japan.

The two burgers are the following.

Grilled Chicken Burger Salt & Lemon sandwich

Chicken thigh meat, lettuce, cheddar cheese, onion, bacon, salted garlic and a square bun.

Wendy’s is offering this new deal

Thick Beef Burger Pepper & Cheese

Thick beef patty, lettuce, steak sauce, onion, bacon and a slice of smoky cheddar cheese with a square sesame bun.

Both of these burgers look very close to something you might find one the Wendy’s menu.

If you’d like to try them you might be out of luck for right now they are only available at McDonald’s Japan locations.

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