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Social Security: Is eliminating income tax helpful?

Millions of Americans across the United States benefit from Social Security benefits, but a good amount remain in poverty. Exempting them from income tax isn’t the answer.

social security card with cash and check representing social security benefits, which many pay income tax on

These benefits were originally designed to only cover around 40% of a person’s former salary.

Many seniors are living on their Social Security as a primary income. They feel that taxing their benefits could be beneficial, but it may actually be harmful.

Social Security & the IRS: Will I pay taxes on benefits?

Why getting rid of income taxes on Social Security won’t help

Only a small percentage of those claiming benefits actually make the maximum benefit each month.

Most seniors don’t make enough to be subject to income tax.

The max benefit reached over $4,000 in 2022 thanks to the 5.9% COLA increase.

Can children get benefits?

If the income tax benefits were to be cut, it would impact those making over $50,000 in benefits each year, according to Fred Harris, a former senator of New Mexico.

New Mexico is one of the states looking to eliminate Social Security income tax.

Harris goes on to explain that by cutting the Social Security taxes it can cause issues.

Taxes aren’t an issue for many poorer seniors.

Where is my statement?

$120 million lost each year is a major issue. That money could go toward programs that need them the most.

This includes education, parks, meals, hospitals, and can cause a trickle effect which negatively impacts citizens using these programs.

His solution is to increase tax credits for those that qualify with a low income. This can help keep tax revenue for necessary programs.

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