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Social Security & the IRS: Will I pay taxes on benefits?

Millions of Americans who pay taxes also collect Social Security, and now they want to know how it could impact their tax returns.

Social Security card with check and cash representing benefits you may owe the IRS taxes on

A lot of people solely live on Social Security as their source of income.

Many Americans retire and accept much less than what they made before retiring.

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Can children get benefits?

When you need to pay the IRS taxes for Social Security

You need to calculate your entire income, including Social Security benefits, for the tax year.

Income includes wages, salary, investments, and benefit payments.

Once you have a total you will be able to see if you owe taxes.

Most individuals with a combined income under $25,000 won’t need to pay taxes on their benefits.

Replacing a lost card for a child

For couples that number is $32,000.

If your combined income reaches between $25,000 and $34,000 for singles or $32,000 and $44,000 for married couples, you’ll see up to 50% of your benefits taxed.

If your income is over $34,000 single or $44,000 married, you could see up to 85% of your benefits taxed.

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How will I know if I owe taxes on my Social Security?

You will receive a benefit statement from the SSA.

You’ll also see a Form SSA-1099.

The form will help you complete your tax return to see if you owe taxes.

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