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Social Security: Where is my statement?

Millions of Americans collect Social Security each month in retirement.

social security card with cash representing social security payments you can view on your statement

This means it’s a good idea to keep tabs on any and all information regarding your benefits.

The easiest place to find any information you might need is by checking your benefits statement.

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Where do I get my Social Security statement?

You can find your statement with all of its information through your My Social Security account online.

If you do not have an account you can take the time to make one.

The online statement will give you details about retirement, disability, and survivor’s benefits.

How much you’ve earned is in your statement as well.

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What if I can’t check My Social Security online?

Some people can’t view their statements online.

Paper statements are mailed in some situations.

Paper statements are sent to working people ages 60 and up.

They’ll see them three months before their birthday.

This is for anyone not collecting benefits yet.  It’s also for anyone who does not have an online account.

You may also ask for a paper statement that will be mailed 4-6 weeks after you submit the request.

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