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Social Security: Can children get benefits?

Millions of Americans survive off of Social Security benefits each month, including children.

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If a parent receives South Security or disability benefits then their children can also receive benefits.

If a parent dies, a child may be entitled to Social Security benefits.

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Maximum 2022 benefit is $4,194

Who can qualify for Social Security as a child?

Children may be biological, adopted, or a stepchild.

Dependent grandchildren may also be eligible for benefits.

February 2022 COLA check dates

There are a few requirements for a child to receive benefits

  • The child must be unmarried
  • They need to be under age 18
  • The child must be a full time student, no higher than 12th grade, and 18 to 19 years old as seniors
  • They must have a disability that began before they turned 22 and must be 18 or older
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