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Stimulus: Know these tips about the IRS Letter

Millions of Americans received and used the stimulus checks they received in 2021, but many more have yet to see theirs.

stimulus check sent by the IRS, which also sent follow up letters to report the correct amount on your tax return

Letter 6475 started going out in late January, detailing what people did, or didn’t, get for a stimulus payment.

The letters details what you were sent and what you may even be owed.

If it turns out you’re due a refund, you may claim it on your tax return with the Recovery Rebate Credit.

The letters being sent this year are new, but the rebate credit isn’t.

Get the $1,400 you missed

In 2020 it existed for the first two stimulus checks Americans received before this third one.

Due to stimulus checks, 2020 tax refunds had millions of errors.

This then created major delays in processing tax returns and issuing refunds. Some Americans are still waiting for theirs today.

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Stimulus check: Letter 6475

2021 tax returns and stimulus payments

You want to be sure your tax return has 100% accuracy before submitting in to the IRS this year.

This means whatever you report for stimulus payments or child tax credits as money received must be correct.

If you fail to provide accurate information you risk facing a major delay in processing time.

The most you will report as a single filer for stimulus payments is $1,400, and $2,800 if filing married filing jointly.

If you get a letter with these amounts, you aren’t going to qualify for the Recovery Rebate Credit.

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