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Stimulus check: Get the $1,400 you missed

Millions of Americans received stimulus checks worth $1,400, but if you were missed there are ways to still claim that money.

stimulus checks stamped with the word "stimulus" in red ink

These payments were given out under the American Rescue Act in 2021 to help struggling Americans as well as stimulate the economy.

In all, three checks were sent out including two from 2020.

The check in 2021 was worth $1,400.

Letter 6475 explained

Who qualified for these stimulus checks?

Individuals that made under $75,000, head of household filers making below $112,500, and married couples aking under $150,000 all qualify.

Individuals making between $75,000 and $80,000 only saw partial payments.

Anyone with dependents, including college students, saw an additional $1,400.

Areas giving stimulus payments

Getting a stimulus check you never received

You may get a missed stimulus check when you file your 2021 tax return.

You can claim the recovery rebate credit for a full or partial stimulus check you qualified for but did not get.

Any payment you receive will either lower your tax bill or be refunded.

Many people were missed because the IRS used old, outdated tax returns that may not have had correct information on them.

Others had a child and did not have a chance to let the IRS know.

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