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Stimulus check: Letter 6475

Some Americans who are preparing their taxes with the IRS are preparing to claim the rest of, or all of, their stimulus check from 2021.

stimulus check from the irs

The IRS is sending out Letter 6475, which works to help those missing stimulus money claim the recovery rebate credit.

This can all be done when filing your 2021 tax return.

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Letter 6475 for stimulus checks explained

Letter 6475 is correspondence from the IRS detailing what you received as a stimulus payment in 2021.

Stimulus checks are also known as economic impact payments.

The letter details everything you need in order to figure out if there’s additional stimulus cash you can claim.

You can claim it by claiming the recovery rebate credit.

You will still get the letter even if you don’t have anything to claim if you received stimulus cash.

Stimulus check: Areas giving payments

Who can expect the letter from the IRS?

Anyone that received a stimulus check or child tax credit will see a letter.

The information in the letter is designed to help you file your taxes quicker and accurately.

Save the letter with your tax records in case you need to reference it next year.

You may find the same information the letter has online through your IRS account if you lost or never received the letter.

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