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ALDI is faced with product delays

Product delays are causing issues for ALDI.

ALDI store

Many grocery store have been affected during this pandemic.

Including ALDI and somethings might be missing you’re next visit.

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What will ALDI be missing?

Due to the pandemic, inclement weather and other issue that store are dealing with currently.

Are causing several issues at grocery stores across the board.

Unfortunately this includes ALDI as well.

The company posted to their website that they will most likely be out of certain items your next visit.

This is due to shipping delays.

These delays are at one of the least ideal times given the Super Bowl is right around the corner.

So if you’re looking for any of the following items you might want to look else where

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • Pretzel Bites
  • Bacon
  • Sun Chips
  • Rice Rolls

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Hopefully once ALDI get its shipping figured out they’ll be back in the swing of things.
ALDI wrote,
“We are experiencing shipping delays and are working around the clock to fix it. We know it is frustrating, and we are sorry for any and all inconveniences,”

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