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McDonalds: Chicken Big Mac?

McDonald’s launched a new Chicken Big Mac.

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac

We know you’ve heard of the regular beef patty Big Mac.

But have you heard of the Chicken Big Mac?

McDonald’s burger test run producing shocking results

Chicken Big Mac explained

This burger is almost made completely the same as the original Big Mac.

The main difference being that there are two chicken breast patties in place of the typical beef ones.

The burger also has the regular lettuce, slice of cheese, pickles and the signature Big Mac sauce.


Here’s what people are saying

While the hype surrounding this launch was massive.

The sandwich its self seems to have a lot of mixed reviews.

Some people love it and think its the next best thing.

While others think its lacking in the flavor department.

And say that its a bit bland.

McDonalds is changing for the first time in 8 years

How to get McDonald’s new sandwich

If you want to try this sandwich and see for yourself you may or may not be in luck.

Right now the Chicken Big Mac is available in UAE and Australia.

And with its newest launch, now in the UK as well.

As for the U.S. It is unclear if well get to try them.

Until then well just have to stick to YouTube reviews.


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