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McDonald’s burger test run producing shocking results

McDonalds did a test run of this burger and the results may surprise you.

McDonald's McPlant burger

McDonalds started a test run of the McPlant burger at eight of its stores.

The test run has shown shocking results.

McDonald’s adds these fan favorites for the first time

McDonald’s McPlant test run results

The chain started a test trail of the McPlant started in November.

The burgers surprised market analysts in the best way.

Its been recorded that the select locations have sold 70 McPlants a day.

Which comes pretty close to Big Mac sales that come in at 110 per day.

The McPlant is selling at three times the rate market analysts originally expected.

How to try McDonald’s McPlant burger

For now the burger is still only available for a limited time.
You can try it at the following locations

  • Irving and Carrollton, Texas
  • El Segundo and Manhattan Beach, California
  • Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Jennings and Lake Charles, Louisiana


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