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Mortgage stimulus help: Home Stimulus Program

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage due to the pandemic, you may be entitled to help from the Home Stimulus Program.

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There is help through programs in the United States for people that need to pay their mortgage, property taxes, and insurance.

Many states offer their own programs to help residents struggling with home costs.

California February 2022 payments

California Mortgage Relief stimulus funding

The California Mortgage Relief program is offering support worth $80,000 to qualifying residents in certain areas.

The program targets low to moderate income families that have suffered a direct negative financial impact due to the pandemic.

The money will help them catch up to get ahead.

The program is funded by $1 billion dollars granted from the U.S. federal government, which gave a total of $10 billion to qualifying states.

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Qualifying for the mortgage stimulus funds

This program is for those who are already behind on their mortgage.

The falling behind needs to have been caused by the pandemic.

You must not already have a plan in place with your lender to fix the back payments you owe.

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