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Going to work with Omicron symptoms

Many Americans are falling ill with the Omicron variant of COVID-19. So why are we still going to work?

COVID-19 variant Omicron spreads but Americans continue to work

The majority of Americans are still going to work in-person even if they do have Omicron symptoms.

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Working through Omicron symptoms

The United States does not have a national sick leave law. This means that millions of Americans can’t take off when they are sick because they can’t afford to go without pay. More details on this are available here.

Many Americans struggle to find or afford testing to confirm infection. Of those that do find testing, they do not have paid sick leave.

Americans are still going to work even with Omicron symptoms because they simply cannot afford to go without a paycheck.

In addition to the financial troubles that come with taking sick leave, many fear they will face repercussions from their boss. Others feel pressured to work because of staffing shortages.

The CDC says that if you feel symptoms you should ” notify their supervisor and stay home.”

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