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COVID-19: How am I best protected from Omicron?

COVID-19 booster vaccine may be the best protection against Omicron according to a collection of studies.

COVID-19 vaccine booster to protect against Omicron

Omicron cases have increased due to its rapid transmission and being highly contagious. The increase in cases leaves many wondering how to best combat serious symptoms.

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Misinformation on the COVID in the media

The COVID-19 booster vaccine is your best bet to fight Omicron

Three large studies published by the CDC agree that the third dose of the vaccine is the best protection against Omicron. Read more about it here.

The research done shows 90% effectiveness after having all three doses. The data collected used participants immunized with both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

COVID-19: Do I need to go to the hospital?

The difference between having the first two doses and not the third is remarkable. It was found to have only 57% effectiveness.

The third dose, or the booster, was found to be 82% effective at preventing emergency care. There was only 38% effectiveness at preventing emergency care for those with only two doses.

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