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Schuyler County observes national consumer protection week with educational resource

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Schuyler County officials have announced their participation in National Consumer Protection Week, running from March 3 to March 9, aiming to arm residents with vital information to safeguard against scams, fraud, and identity theft. This initiative, underscored by a proclamation from the Schuyler County legislature, signifies a concerted effort by local government agencies to bolster consumer rights and awareness. The County’s Office for the Aging, alongside the County Attorney, will disseminate tips and resources designed to fortify the financial security of the community members.

Highlighting the critical nature of this campaign, Schuyler County Attorney Steven Getman emphasized the widespread issue of consumer fraud, including identity theft and phishing, which annually results in billions of dollars in losses and hardship for Americans. The initiative seeks to educate the public on best practices for maintaining financial security, thus reducing their chances of becoming fraud statistics.

To specifically address the vulnerabilities of seniors to scam tactics, the Office for the Aging Director, Tammy Waite, noted the increased susceptibility of older Americans to fraudulent schemes. In response to the alarming rise in fraud losses reported to the Federal Trade Commission, Schuyler County will offer free pamphlets containing protective advice and resource links during Consumer Protection Week. These materials will be accessible at the County Office for the Aging in Montour Falls and the County Attorney’s Office in Watkins Glen, with additional information available on the county attorney’s website.