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Cayuga Nature Center receives vital donation to preserve native animal program

The Cayuga Nature Center announced receiving a significant donation from the Lilac Foundation, described as “transformative” for its native animal program. This timely contribution comes as a lifeline for the center, which had been grappling with financial constraints threatening the continuity of its animal education initiatives. Thanks to this generous support, the Nature Center can now sustain a curated collection of local reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, offering them a nurturing habitat while continuing its educational outreach.

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Although the donation does not cover the costs of maintaining the entire program, which previously boasted over 70 animals, it ensures the preservation of key native animal ambassadors. These creatures play a pivotal role in the center’s educational programs, including public events, birthday celebrations, and group activities. The funding allows the Nature Center to keep engaging the community with valuable lessons on environmental stewardship through direct interaction with these animals.

Amanda Schmitt Piha, Associate Director for Philanthropy and Communications at PRI, emphasized the importance of this donation in sustaining the center’s mission of animal and environmental education. While celebrating this critical support, she also highlighted the ongoing need for community contributions to maintain and enhance the program for future generations. To support the Cayuga Nature Center and its vital educational efforts, donations can be made at