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COVID-19: How many test kits can I get?

Biden administration receives backlash for only allowing only four COVID-19 tests to be ordered per household, regardless of size.

COVID-19 at-home test

Biden’s decision has been labeled as controversial because many people in the United States live in a home with more than four people.

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COVID-19: Getting at-home rapid tests covered

Where to get COVID-19 tests

To order free rapid tests that can be sent to homes around the country, many used on January 19. This effort by the Biden administration was to promote access to testing. Read more about it here.

The at-home tests are supposed to decrease the long lines and long wait times associated with COVID-19, especially in urban areas.

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Four tests isn’t fair for everyone

By allotting just four tests per household, people of lower income, inter-generational households, and people with multiple roommates are most affected.

Many people question why that data collected by the US Census Bureau was not used in when making this tool.

A date has yet to be set for people to refill their orders.

Now, insurance companies are also required to reimburse you for up to eight tests per month.

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