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SSI: $687 checks going to families with children

Millions of Americans could qualify for a SSI check worth an average of $687 if they have kids.

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5 million people were able to get a check in Dec. that helps financially struggling seniors, disabled adults, and children.

Checks are sent one the first of each month, unless you receive both Social Security and SSI, which is then sent on the third.

Disabled children qualify for the payments as well, and their parents are able to put the average $687 toward medical costs.

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Certain states have laws where they will send additional benefits to parents with disabled children.

California, Hawaii, and Vermont are all under that law and have the SSA send more benefits to families that need it.

Recipients of SSI saw 2 checks in Dec. 2021, with the second one 5.9% larger for the COLA boost that went into effect in 2022.

This means there are no checks in Jan., but the next one will be sent Feb. 1.

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