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SSI: Do I qualify for SSI payments?

SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is one of the many financial assistance programs offered through the Social Security Administration.

cash payment sitting on countertop from SSI, supplemental security income

The overall goal is to provide income to those who do not have enough to live on if they meet certain criteria.

The max amount people can receive in SSI in 2022 is $841 for an individual, or $1,261 for a couple.

When will I get my SSI check?

How do I qualify for SSI payments?

In order to qualify, you must be residing in the U.S.

You must be 65 or older, but people with disabilities or who are blind under the age of 65 may also qualify.

The biggest qualifying factor is your income or your assets.

Social Security: Tips to know before you claim benefits

You must meet this third requirement after meeting one of the first two to qualify.

Your qualifiable income will determine if and how much in benefits you will get.

This means if you are over 65 and also collect Social Security, that will count as income in determining what you make on SSI.

SSI is run by the SSA, but it is paid out by the U.S. Treasury.

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