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Social Security: Full retirement age change in 2022

This year Social Security saw a lot of new changes, including a new full retirement age.

social security card with cash from a monthly payment for those at the full retirement age

The FRA is now 67 for anyone turning 62 in the year 2022.

You may start to receive your benefits at the age of 62, but you’ll see a significant decrease since you’re claiming ahead of your FRA.

By waiting until your FRA, you will see your full benefits.

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Even better, delaying your claim until age 70 gets you extra benefits.

Be sure to know what ages matter for you before making any hasty decisions.

If you decide to delay, you’ll end up with more money.

What is my full retirement age?

Your full retirement age is based on the year you were born, according to The Sun.

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The following year of birth has a specific retirement age

  • 1943-1954, FRA is 66
  • 1955, FRA is 66 and two months
  • 1956, FRA is 66 and four months
  • 1957, FRA is 66 and six months
  • 1958, FRA is 66 and eight months
  • 1959, FRA is 66 and ten months
  • 1960 and after, FRA is 67

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Benefits are diminished around 30% when you retire at age 62.

If you choose to claim it that early on, you will see the decrease as permanent.

The full retirement age changed when an amendment on the Social Security Act of 1935 changed the law.

This led to a gradual increase over a 22 year span that would eventually lead to the age being 67.

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