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SSI: Getting both SSI and Social Security payments to increase benefits

Millions of Americans could qualify for benefits they may be unaware of, like SSI.

social security cards representing those who get benefits like SSI, SSDI, and social security through the SSA

In order to be eligible for this benefit, adults and children mist be disabled, while seniors over age 65 just need to meet income requirements.

The maximum Supplemental Security Income benefit for individuals in 2022 is $841, while couples can collect $1,261 each month.

The amount you get depends on what else you receive as income.

Do I qualify for SSI payments?

The includes Social Security and veterans benefits.

People will qualify for SSI as long as they have income and resources valued at less than $2,000.

Resources include cash, stocks, cars, insurance, and what is in a bank account.

Supplemental Security Income is paid through the Treasury, not the Social Security fund. The Social Security Administration does run the program though.

When will I get my SSI check?

Collecting SSI with Social Security

Some people can qualify for both benefits.

If you collect Social Security, your SSI payments will be smaller. This is also true for those who live with a person that covers household expenses or spouses that contribute to your income.

If you collect food stamps or receive helping heating your home that will not lower your payment.

Social Security: Tips to know before you claim benefits

After applying for SSI, your approval or denial will be sent by mail.

SSDI is not to be mixed up with SSI.

For SSDI you must have worked a certain number of years before you became disabled and unable to work.

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