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Food stamps worth up to $1,504 going out in days

Emergency food stamps have been being sent in numerous states throughout the country.

grocery cart filled with food stamp eligible foods using SNAP benefits

Residents in Virginia will see extra food stamps soon.

Families with 8 people can see as much as $1,504 in extra SNAP benefits.

The Virginia Department of Social Services shared that emergency funds will be given out in Jan.

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When will families get the extra benefits and how much will they be?

The emergency SNAP benefits will be put onto EBT cards Sunday, Jan. 16.

The benefits will only be available to individuals who receive SNAP benefits, not those receiving Pandemic EBT benefits.

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One person can receive $250, a family of four can receive $835, and a family of 8 can receive $1,504.

The day of the month individuals get their food stamps varies by state.

While the SNAP program is funded by the federal government, the money is given to individual states and they run their own programs.

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Other states are doing more for their residents as well.

New York is offering new things to state residents like the ability to use SNAP benefits for local farm fresh food.

Hawaii has teamed up with 7-Eleven and a delivery service so people can use their EBT cards for groceries.

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