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Food stamps SNAP benefits: emergency benefits extended in Kansas

Even with food stamps, many families are worried about affording groceries. Some states have decided to extend emergency benefits.

grocery store with food stamp snap benefit eligible foods

One state deciding to extend emergency SNAP benefits is Kansas.

According to the Kansas Department for Children and Families, 63,000 households will benefit as they still grapple with the pandemic.

An additional $14.59 million dollars will help families provide food.

The of SNAP benefits extension is an attempt to help protect children from going hungry and keep families strong.

Kansas plans to continue its emergency assistance until July 31, 2022, or there is no longer a federal Public Health Emergency.

Nobody needs to apply to get the SNAP benefits. Emergency benefits will be received on scheduled disbursement days.

People who want to apply for SNAP benefits may do so for the state of Kansas here.

Food stamps now accepted by local farms

Other states are doing more to help people get more access to items with food stamps as well.

Governor Kathy Hochul in New York is allowing people to use their SNAP benefits to purchase fresh food from local farmers.

In Hawaii, the state’s food stamp program partnered with a delivery service. 7-Eleven will accept the benefits.

Taco Bell will serve chicken wings

SNAP food stamp benefits and restaurants

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