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Food stamps: Advocates worry expansion isn’t enough

Food stamps were extended at the start of the pandemic in an attempt to keep struggling families fed, and many are wondering if the extra help will continue.

grocery cart filled with food that qualifies for food stamps in check out line at Wegmans

America is beginning its third year of the pandemic, and people are still struggling to make ends meet.

Even though help is available, many are still struggling to pay for food, heat, and their rent or mortgages.

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Advocates say the need for more food stamps will continue

The Denver Channel reports that it’s been over 50 years since the cost of food was evaluated. That means how much food is in comparison to food stamps.

After evaluating due to the pandemic and having to provide additional assistance to Americans, the Biden administration made a change.

Households saw a 25% increase in SNAP benefits.

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The rise is roughly $36 per week.

Ellie Agar, from Hunger Free Colorado, told The Denver Channel that she felt concerned over what will happen after the pandemic.

Blocks have been taken down during the pandemic to give families in need more access to healthy and affordable food.

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Agar worries about families once things return to the way they were before the pandemic changed everything.

The way food stamps are evaluated has been changed.

Every 5 years food prices will be evaluated. Necessary increases in benefits will be made.

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