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SNAP food stamp benefits and restaurants

Americans that collect food stamp SNAP benefits will now be able to use their EBT cards at select restaurants.

grocery store aisle with food eligible for food stamp SNAP benefits

41.5 million Americans benefit from food stamp SNAP benefits every month. This helps them provide food for their families.

Every month on a specific day families are given benefits on their EBT card.

They can then shop at certain retailers to purchase their groceries.

Each state runs their SNAP program differently, but you need to reside in the state you apply in.

The federal government funds the program for each state. Restaurants now participate in the SNAP program.

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Restaurant Meals Program

States run their own food stamp program. It lets elderly, homeless, and disabled recipients to buy good at specified restaurants.

EBT cards pay for meals.

Restaurants that participate need to offer the meals at a discount.

People can’t use their EBT cards to buy hot, prepared food at grocery stores so now they will be able to do this instead.

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SNAP food stamp benefits in 2022

Which states allow you to use food stamp SNAP benefits to purchase restaurant meals?

There are 6 states participating in the program.

Arizona and California have a wide availability for the program.

Maryland, Michigan, Rhode Island and Virginia only offer meals from restaurants in certain cities or counties.

Illinois and New York allow state social services to apply for the federal program.

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How do states get the program?

States need to show the Department of Agriculture that residents in great need aren’t benefitting from the program.

Once the program is approved for states or cities, only people over 60, homeless people, or disabled individuals and their spouses can use the program.

Subway and McDonald’s are just two participating restaurant chains.

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