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Food stamps now accepted by local farms

One state has decided that food stamps, or SNAP benefits, would be expanded for use at local farms for fresh produce.

fresh produce and vegetables people can purchase using food stamp snap benefits

New York State Governor, Kathy Hochul, made the announcement during her State of the State address.

The goal is to eliminate barriers between beneficiaries and healthy, locally produced foods by letting those with food stamps have more choices.

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Now those with SNAP benefits can purchase the produce online from the farm.

FreshConnect benefits will be available as well. This will let those with EBT cards purchase food from community supported farms.

This change allows for more options to SNAP benefit holders. It also gives farms an opportunity to sell to another population.

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Other states making changes with SNAP benefits

In Hawaii residents with EBT cards will now be able to use their benefits in an entirely new way.

Participating cities with 7-Eleven locations are allowing residents to order food from 7-Eleven a delivery service.

Participating locations include Oahu, Big Island, Kauai and Maui.

Vroom Delivery, a Chicago based food delivery service, has teamed up with the state and 7-Eleven.

The CEO of Vroom Delivery said it was the most time intensive project they have had in the last two years.

People may use both a credit or debit card and EBT card.

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