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Unvaccinated & unemployed: Who can claim benefits

There are 5 states that have created laws and regulations to protect unvaccinated employees from being unable to collect unemployment.

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COVID-19 vaccine statuses are becoming more common when it comes to employment.

Some companies will no longer employ you if you remain unvaccinated. Unemployment benefits aren’t available in many states for people that remain unvaccinated.

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States paying unemployment to the unvaccinated

5 states have made the exception, allowing unvaccinated individuals to collect unemployment.

This in includes Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee.

These states created laws that allow employees who were fired after mandates were created to collect benefits.

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Missouri, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are all working toward similar legislation.

The newest variant, Omicron, has created a large spike in positive cases and hospitalizations following numerous vaccine mandates.

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