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$1,200 refund checks from the IRS are delayed until 2022, here’s why

Many people have been waiting for their tax refund for quite awhile now.

Now, they may need to wait until 2022.

The IRS currently has a large backlog of amended returns and errors it still has not sorted as 2021 comes to and end.

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Included in the backlog are tax returns with the Recovery Rebate Credit, returns missing important information, and returns that the IRS suspects could be identity theft.

Another batch of refunds are set to go out for those who paid unemployment on the first $10,200 before the American Rescue Act passed.

Some checks will be issued before the end of the year while the IRS continues to work on more complex returns into 2022.

There are still 6.2 million returns that need to be processed.

11.7 million refunds have already been issued worth $14.4 billion.

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In Nov. 430,000 refunds for unemployment were issued, and that number has not changed.

The average amount for the checks was around $1,189.

If the IRS needs more information from taxpayers they will send a letter, otherwise no action is needed.

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