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Are you missing your child tax credit payment, or received a smaller amount than expected?

2021 is coming to a close and the final child tax credit payment has gone out.

While most families will be able to collect the other half of their payments in 2022, some families are missing previous payments or have not seen any at all.

Many people saw less, or no payments, after only one parent in a marriage changed their banking information or mailing address.

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Many parents may have been sent more money than they were entitled to because the payments were based on outdated tax returns.

By using the IRS Update Portal, you can track your payment.

Why some people may not have received payments

Checks began going out to parents in July of 2021.

One reason families may have never seen a check is that their mailing address or banking information is incorrect.

The check in the mail may have been held by the Post Office.

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Some individuals are victims of tax related identity theft, and those people will not see any refunds or payments until the issues are resolved with the IRS.

Those who cannot resolve the issues by the end of 2021 can see the full amount in 2022 after issues are resolved.

700,000 families who should have received payments did not due to errors in Sept.

Parents that are one U.S. citizen and one immigrant also had issues.

If your taxes for 2020 are still be processed, that may delay your payments.

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What do I do to figure out and resolve child tax credit payment issues?

By using the child tax credit update portal, you can check to see the history of payments you’ve received. It will show pending payments as well.

Check that your banking information is correct if the portal says your payments were delivered.

In your bank account, the payment will be labeled CHILDCTC.

If the amount is less than you originally expected, check your eligibility based on your most recent tax return. You can do this with the IRS Eligibility Assistance.

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