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What states will pay unemployment benefits to unvaccinated employees who get fired?

Many Americans are exercising their rights to refuse the vaccine, but it may come at the cost of their job.

Whether states want to pay out unemployment benefits to those who are fired due to noncompliance varies in every state.

Some states are strict with their policies, and will not pay unemployment benefits to those that chose to not follow a vaccine policy. Other states are honoring people’s decisions and granting unemployment benefits.

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The Supreme Court has upheld state’s rights to fire people for choosing not to get the vaccine.

Which states are offering unemployment to people that are fired for refusing the vaccine?

Many red states like Tennessee, Iowa, and Florida have passed laws that allow fired workers to seek out unemployment.

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Many have also passed laws that don’t allow businesses or institutions to enforce vaccine mandates.

Other states looking to protect workers rights to refuse the vaccine include Arkansas, Kansas, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.

Other states have found themselves on the opposite side of things, enforcing rules that require vaccinations and do not cater to those refusing them.

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New York, for example, has required all workers in health care to become vaccinated or be fired. Refusing to comply will not result in them collecting unemployment.

States like Florida have offered sign on bonuses to police officers coming from states like New York due to the vaccine mandate. If a police officer in New York does not want the vaccine, the governor of Florida is welcoming them with open arms.

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