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Stimulus payments worth between $530 and $3,000 were sent to thousands of Americans, here’s who got them

As Christmas approaches, thousands of Americans are benefitting from some extra cash in the form of stimulus checks.

Part of the American Rescue Plan was allocating billions in funding to students and colleges out of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

Thanks to the funding, students have been getting thousands from their colleges to help pay for expenses.

$9.1 million was given to George Washington University last May, during the first round.

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During the second and third rounds, the university received another $14 million.

Any student enrolled on or after March 13, 2020 could apply for the funding.

10,000 students have been granted aid since applying.

Students from the university have said they’ve received between $800 and $2,500.

What other colleges have received stimulus aid for their students?

Meharry Medical College said they’ve given out $10,000 in grants to the majority of their 956 students.

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Bushnell University has given $642,674 to 206 students.

Penn State gave 31,000 students up to $1,800 before Nov. 15, and students with exceptional financial needs can apply for $1,000. This is for students that did not qualify the first time.

Florida State University gave $17.7 million worth of grants to 16,000 students.

Duke University students will qualify for either $1,750 grants or $3,000 grants in December.

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City University of New York is planning to send grants out in December as well.

$15.5 million was given to the University of Rhode Island, which planned a block grant in Nov.

Students could apply for grants between $1,500 and $2,500 depending on their family contribution.

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