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Thousands of Americans will see a stimulus check worth $1,100 this month, are you one of them?

California will be sending another batch of checks this month worth up to $1,100 each.

This newest batch is expected to arrive in the mail before 2022.

These checks are part of California’s Golden State Stimulus II package.

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The last batch sent 803,000 payments out to residents.

This includes 3,000 direct deposits and 800,000 paper checks.

The way you receive the payment is the way you chose how to get your refund on your 2020 tax return.

If it’s direct deposited it should show up in a few days from the deposit date.

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If it’s a check, it could take up to three weeks.

In order to qualify for these payments, your taxes needed to be filed by Oct. 15, 2021.

Your California AGI needs to be between $1 and $75,000.

You must have been a California resident for more than half of 2020 and must be a resident when the payment is issued.

9 million payments are expected to go out in all, with 1.7 million remaining.

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These checks go out every two weeks, with the majority of direct deposits being in October.

Right now checks are going out for zip codes ending in 585-719.

Starting Dec. 13 through Dec. 31, checks will go out to those with zip codes ending in 720-927.

The final batch is set for Dec. 27 through Jan. 11, 2022 and will go to zip codes ending in 929-999.

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