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Deer becoming big problem for New York: Causing more than just car accidents

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Deer are becoming an increasing problem in New York, causing not only vehicular accidents but also contributing significantly to the spread of Lyme disease. Annually, collisions with deer result in around 70,000 New Yorkers facing injuries or substantial financial costs, with an average vehicle repair bill of $4,000. Furthermore, the state records an estimated $59 million in agricultural damages due to deer each year, exacerbating the challenges faced by farmers.

Cornell University’s Professor Bernd Blossey highlighted the broader ecological issues, noting that deer are thriving in environments altered by human activities, such as gardens and parks, which provide ideal feeding grounds. This, combined with climate change, is enabling deer populations to expand, thereby increasing the risks of disease and accidents. Historical conservation efforts have restored deer populations effectively, but now pose management challenges due to their successful rebound.

In response to the growing concerns, local and state authorities in New York have intensified efforts to manage the deer population through hunting and other control measures. Despite these efforts, the interaction between deer and populated areas continues to cause safety and health problems for communities. As deer adapt to milder winters and abundant food sources, New York faces ongoing challenges in balancing wildlife management with public safety and health concerns.

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