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Stimulus checks worth up to $1,000 are being sent in certain states before Christmas, is one yours?

Christmas is coming and there are some states that plan to give their residents a much needed cash boost.

California, Connecticut, New Mexico, Vermont, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Florida are all working to bring the Christmas cheer in the form of money to cash strapped Americans.

There is different criteria for each state as well as reasons for someone getting a stimulus check.

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Here are 7 states giving certain residents a stimulus check before Christmas

California is in the middle of sending out their second Golden State Stimulus check.

800,000 paper checks and 3,000 direct deposits were issued Nov. 29.

The checks are worth $600-$1,100 and go to residents making less than $75,000.

9 million people are expected to get checks in all.

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Connecticut created a Back to Work program that will pay residents $1,000 stimulus checks if they go back to work between May 30 and Dec. 31, 2021.

Certain criteria needs to be met with when you filed for unemployment and how long you received it.

Florida is giving teachers and principals a $1,000 bonus for working during the pandemic.

New Hampshire is giving families of three with no income checks worth $1,086.

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New Mexico has reopened their applications for those that did not get state aid when they gave it out to low income families in Aug.

The checks sent then were worth $750.

Tennessee has some school districts that voted to pay their full and part time employees $1,000 and $500.

They also implemented a bonus system for teachers that stay through the 2022 school year as well as new hires.

Vermont is covering up to $7,500 in moving expenses for anyone relocating to the state due to loss of employment in the hospitality or construction industry.

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