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When will I get the next stimulus check?

Millions of Americans across the country have received federal stimulus checks, totaling as much as $3,200.

Many people have received even more money from their city or state.

Whether you’re getting another check depends on where you live and what you make. In some cases it even depends on your job.

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As 2021 comes to a close, the chances of a fourth federal stimulus check look pretty slim, but many states are still helping their residents.

What are all the stimulus checks we’ve seen so far?

The first stimulus check many saw were the federal stimulus checks.

There were three different stimulus packages for Americans as the pandemic unfolded and millions lost their jobs.

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First was $1,200, followed by $600, and finally a final one under the American Rescue Act worth $1,400.

There isn’t a fourth check coming out anytime soon, but there are some people waiting on the third check. That includes new parents who had a baby in 2021.

There are also state stimulus checks, with the most notable program in California.

California has sent its residents checks with two different state stimulus packages.

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The first one was the Golden State Stimulus I program, and the one currently sending out checks is the Golden State Stimulus II package.

803,000 payments were sent this week and there are just two batches left to go.

There’s hope for a third round in 2022 thanks to a $31 billion dollar surplus in the state of California.

Other states that have sent stimulus payments include Maine with $285, Seattle with $3,000, and Maryland with $500.

Finally, Universal Basic Income is being implemented in many cities.

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In New Orleans, teens and young adults are being given prepaid debit cards to help foster financial literacy.

These cards will be loaded with $350 per month for one year.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, some low income families will be given $500 per month for two years.

Chicago is also giving low income families $500 per month.

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