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AG James says NY will investigate AT&T outage

New York Attorney General Letitia James has initiated an investigation into the nationwide AT&T service outage on February 22 that left countless customers without essential communication services for up to 12 hours. In response to the disruption, Attorney General James is calling on New Yorkers impacted by the outage to come forward and file complaints online, aiming to understand the scope and cause of the service interruption.

Highlighting the critical reliance of Americans on cellular services for daily activities, James emphasized the potential dangers of such widespread outages and the importance of safeguarding consumer rights in these situations. The investigation seeks to hold service providers accountable and ensure such disruptions are minimized in the future.

AT&T’s CEO John Stankey addressed the incident in a letter to employees, assuring that affected customers would automatically receive account credits as compensation. Details regarding assistance for prepaid customers are still under discussion, indicating the company’s ongoing efforts to address the fallout from the outage.