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Is Thanksgiving going to impact benefit payments like Social Security or unemployment?

Some people will notice that they’ll receive their payments on different days than normal next week. This is because payments aren’t typically done on federal holidays.

Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of Nov., so this year it falls on the 25th.

Some Americans benefit from having Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, off as well.

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If you collect benefits, here is how it could impact you

By federal law, Social Security and SSI benefits must be made electronically.

If you get paid by check, you should switch to direct deposit. You get paid quicker and there’s less of a risk of your checks being stolen out of the mail.

Social Security is usually paid on the second Wednesday, third Wednesday, or fourth Wednesday of the month depending on your birthday.

If your payment date were to fall on a holiday or weekend, you’d be paid the weekday immediately prior to the holiday.

Social Security will not be impacted since Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday.

Other benefits depend on when you claimed or where you live.

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Food stamps are usually deposited on the same day each month in most states, whether it falls on a weekend or holiday. Other states may delay it if it falls on a federal holiday.

By contacting your state to ask you can plan ahead for any changes in benefit payments.

Unemployment depends on the state as well.

For example, in New Hampshire, the SSA office is closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Any claims filed during the holidays or weekend will not be processed until Monday evening.

Payments are issued Tuesday morning.

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