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Here’s how to access and view your own social security information online

An online system has been provided by the Social Security Administration for social security claimants to view their information on record. They may also access services related to their benefits.

The account can be set up online through My Social Security, where people can then see their earnings history, review benefits they currently have, or see an estimate for future services.

To set up an account you can do it online or in person. You must be 18 or older with a valid U.S. mailing address, email and social security number.

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Things you can do with your account and how to set it up

By using My Social Security, you can opt out of paper statements and just check you annual statement online.

You may be able to request a new social security card depending on your state. You may also request a new Medicare benefits card through the online service.

If you aren’t collecting benefits yet, you can check to see what is on record and be sure it’s correct ahead of time.

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You may also check SSDI benefits you could get should you become injured or end up with a medical condition. You can also see survivor benefits for spouses and children.

You can also sign up for direct deposit through the portal if you have not yet.

When setting up your account, two factor authentication is an option.

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You can download the app onto your phone as well.

To create an account you’ll need your driver’s license and a smart phone to take a photo.

Finally, visit the website and click “create account.” From there you will be prompted to set up the account, which you can use as soon as you finish.

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