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Here is when you can expect Social Security payments each month in 2022

Those receiving Social Security benefits can now expect a bigger check in 2022 after the increase in COLA.

64 million people can expect their check in January with just a bit more money.

These checks will be the first to have the new 5.9% COLA increase for 2022.

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The last time COLA was raised close to this much was in 2009 by 5.8%.

Inflation has caused the major increase in COLA. This means that despite recipients see much bigger checks compared to last year, the cost of goods are cancelling it out.

When can I expect my monthly Social Security payments in 2022?

Payments are sent depending on which day of the month your birthday falls on.

For birthdays that fall on the 1st through 10th, your checks are deposited the second Wednesday of every month.

Anyone with birthdays that fall on the 11th through 20th, your checks are deposited on the third Wednesday of every month.

For birthdays that fall on the 21st through 31st, your checks are deposited on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

The payment schedule for 2022 was recently shared by the Social Security Administration

Jan. 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- Jan. 12
  • Third Wednesday- Jan. 19
  • Fourth Wednesday- Jan. 26

Feb. 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- Feb. 9
  • Third Wednesday- Feb. 16
  • Fourth Wednesday- Feb. 23

March 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- March 9
  • Third Wednesday- March 16
  • Fourth Wednesday- March 23

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April 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- April 13
  • Third Wednesday- April 20
  • Fourth Wednesday- April 27

May 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- May 11
  • Third Wednesday- May 18
  • Fourth Wednesday- May 25

June 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- June 8
  • Third Wednesday- June 15
  • Fourth Wednesday- June 22

July 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- July 13
  • Third Wednesday- July 20
  • Fourth Wednesday- July 27

Aug. 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- Aug. 10
  • Third Wednesday- Aug. 17
  • Fourth Wednesday- Aug. 24

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Sept. 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- Sept. 14
  • Third Wednesday- Sept. 21
  • Fourth Wednesday- Sept. 28

Oct. 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- Oct. 12
  • Third Wednesday- Oct. 19
  • Fourth Wednesday- Oct. 26

Nov. 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- Nov. 9
  • Third Wednesday- Nov. 16
  • Fourth Wednesday- Nov. 23

Dec. 2022:

  • Second Wednesday- Dec. 14
  • Third Wednesday- Dec. 21
  • Fourth Wednesday- Dec. 28

Jan. 1, 2022 is when Social Security increases go into effect, and Dec. 30, 2021 is when SSI increases go into effect.

If your payment is late, give it three more days before contacting the SSA.

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