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Stimulus check: These states are paying people stimulus checks and universal basic income

Many Americans have made it clear they’re still struggling through the aftermath of the pandemic. Even inflation has not slowed.

Some places are offering Americans help in the form of additional state issued stimulus checks or Universal Basic Income.

Universal Basic Income, or UBI, is a recurring payment to people from the government. They can be monthly or yearly, but they typically happen at the same time.

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Stimulus checks were one time payments given to people for the pandemic but did not have a date to recur.

These cities and states are offering financial assistance to their residents in the form of UBI or state stimulus checks

Alaska gives citizens checks through the Permanent Fund. This was established in 1982 and gives citizens a part of the oil revenue. It’s paid through the sovereign wealth fund. To get these payments you must be an Alaskan resident for one year. You cannot be convicted of felonies or in jail. The highest payment ever disbursed was in 2008 for $2,069 per person. This year the check was $1,114 and sent to 643,000 people.

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California is giving out 9 million Golden State Stimulus II checks. 6.43 million have been sent so far with about 2.57 million left. The checks will go out every two weeks until every eligible resident has received one. The checks sent are worth $600 for single filers and $1,100 for those with dependents. They’re sent to people earning less than $75,000 per year.

Chicago is starting a UBI program for families making under $35,000. They will get $500 per month. 5,000 families will qualify and the money is through the American Rescue Act. Families are chosen at random for the pilot program, so there is not a way to apply.

In Columbia 100 low income fathers got a debit card with $500 dollars. They will get these payments for 12 months in all over the span of a year. The pilot program is called the Columbia Life Improvement Monetary Boost.

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Los Angeles is paving the way with the UBI program for low income households. 3,200 families will be getting $1,000 per month for one year beginning in January. Families of four must earn $26,200 or less to qualify. Applications closed on Nov. 7.

Maine sent over 500,000 people checks worth $286 on Nov. 15. To get the check you need to have filed a Maine income tax return and be a full time resident for the 2020 tax year. To qualify, individuals must make less than $75,000. If married you must make less that $150,000 jointly and if head of household, you must make under $112,000.

In New Orleans teenagers are getting $350 per month for the state’s financial literacy program. 125 residents between 16 and 24 will get the benefit.

Pittsburgh is using COVID relief money to give $500 to residents with low earnings. 200 households will get the $500 payments for two years. In total the households will get $12,000.

Seattle is offering their low income residents checks up to $3,000. The deadline passed on Nov. 15. To qualify for the Seattle Relief Fund, applicants must be 18 or older, have an income under $40,500 for individuals or $57,850 for a family of four. Qualifying people will get one check worth $1,000-$3,000 depending on household size.

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