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Stimulus check: These people will be surprised with a $1,400 stimulus check next year

There’s one group of people that will be able to receive a $1,400 check in 2022.

If you’re a new parent and either gave birth or adopted a child, you’re eligible for the $1,400 stimulus check parents got during 2021.

The check can be claimed after parents file their taxes in April of 2022.

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The requirements are that a single parent earn less that $75,000 per year or married couples filing jointly make under $150,000 per year.

Parents are able to claim this credit because though they were eligible for it in 2021, the IRS did not know that they had had a child. The IRS based it’s sending of checks on past tax returns.

Parents also have until tomorrow to claim their child tax credit payments, which have two payments left for the year.

If non-filers still need to, they have until Nov. 15 to claim the payments. Just visit to complete the process.

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