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LETTER: Fox responds to recent op-ed about impact of Seneca Meadows on upcoming elections

The following was submitted for publication on It’s a response to a letter published last week by Seneca Falls resident Brad Jones. Submissions for consideration can be sent to [email protected] or manually uploaded by clicking here

Let’s Get The Story Right

– By Thomas H. Fox, Seneca County Republican Committee Chairman

Thankfully, Brad Jones is not running for political office in 2021. But Mr. Jones seems to have become the mouthpiece for Responsible Solutions for Seneca Falls and Democratic candidates Avery and Delelys.

 One might wonder why the Finger Lakes Times and ace investigative reporters, have not traced the money from Responsible Solutions of Seneca Falls like they are attempting to do with Responsible Solutions of New York? Who is paying for all these color, glossy fliers? I guess no investigation is needed, one only needs to drive down Fall Street and NYS Route 5-20 between Seneca Falls and Waterloo to come up with the quick answer. I wonder who owns those properties? 

Mr. Jones mentions in his last letter to Fingerlakes1 that facts matter so I thought we would provide everyone with the real facts

The 74% tax increase was not a number picked out of thin air. The financial impact of the closure of Seneca Meadows was based on the INDEPENDENT research study by the Center for Government Research. (CGR). Yes, Mr. Jones, everyone knows the study was paid by Waste Connections. CGR is an organization that has been in business since 1915. The organization has an impeccable reputation and is one of the leading organizations that provide research-based information to municipalities and companies throughout the country. If Mr. Jones read the report he would understand the 74% tax increase is based on many factors, including loss of jobs, reduction in assessed property values, the increased cost of disposing of the Town’s solid waste, and the host agreement contribution. Mr. Jones, Councilmen Avery and Churchill would like everyone to believe that the report by CGR was bought and paid for by Waste Connections stating that the research and conclusions were ‘made-up’ or ‘fabricated’. A company does not stay in business for over 100 years ‘making up’ reports. The mere mention of this is insulting and downright slanderous to CGR.

 Let’s not forget that Councilmen Avery, Delelys, and Churchill insisted on having CGR perform the government efficiency study for the Town of Seneca Falls, currently underway, because ‘CGR was a highly respected, reputable, and the most experienced organization for the task at hand’.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Mr. Jones references those great things happened at the first budget workshop mainly because $200,000 for a town-wide property reevaluation was cut from the budget. This is the same reevaluation that was approved by the Board 5-0 in July. That’s right, Councilmen Avery, Delelys, and Churchill all voted for it. What changed in 3 months? Could it be there is an election coming up on November 2? By the way, the reevaluation was highly recommended by the Town’s Assessor because so many properties are not assessed correctly and every time a house sells on the market for $60,00 or $70,000 more than it’s assessed for, we the tax payers end up paying an unfair portion in our property taxes. The $200,000 reevaluation project would result in millions of dollars in increased tax revenue for the Town, School District, and County, but in an equitable way! Their answer, let’s do it next year! I guess there is no election next year. Facts do matter Mr. Jones. 

How about these two candidates dragging their feet and not addressing the severely outdated drainage and sewer issues facing the Town of Seneca Falls. Mr. Delelys for the past 8 years and Mr. Avery for the past 4 years. Between 5 and 6 million gallons of raw, untreated sewage gets dumped into Cayuga Lake via the Seneca/Cayuga Canal because these two incumbents have done nothing about infrastructure issues.  ‘One issue’ elected officials only, close the landfill! Only since the last two years has progress been made on any new infrastructure issues. Thank God Mr. Avery was defeated in his attempt to become the Town Supervisor. Where would the people of Seneca Falls be if he was elected?  

I wonder who Mr. Jones is going to vote for on November 2? At September’s Town Board meeting, Mr. Jones publically stated that he and his family were only going to vote for the candidate who ‘turns off the spigot of leachate from Seneca Meadows’. (leachate is treated at the landfill using a reverse osmosis system that cleans the leachate to acceptable levels as approved by the DEC, EPA, and independent testing labs, then and only then does it enter the Town’s sewer system to be treated) There is still $300,000 in revenue budgeted in the Water and Sewer budget for 2022. Do you think Councilmen Avery and Delelys will vote not to accept this leachate and impose higher water and sewer rates, on the people, to make up for the loss of revenue? I doubt it, it’s an election year! I guess Mr. Jones will have to sit out this election! 

Yes, Mr. Jones, facts do matter!