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LETTER: Taxpayers being misled in Seneca Falls as Election Day looms

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Earlier this month, Town Supervisor Michael Ferrara stated that his tentative 2022 budget calls for a 15% increase in taxes. As of this moment, the tentative increase is now closer to 11%; since Budget Workshop #1 is behind us (held on 10/11). Significant $ reductions in both the Assessors and Zoning departments were made; most notably – scratching the $200,000 line item for revaluation of town properties. (4 to 1 vote to delete from budget).

News flash – it gets better!

Seneca Falls taxpayers will likely see a minimal tax increase, or better yet, a 0% increase for 2022. I have been advised by Town Counsel members of upcoming budget cuts that will be made at the 10/25 and 10/28 budget workshops next week. Please attend; I know I will.

So why does all of this matter ?

Quite simply put – two of the Republican candidates for Town Council (who are being funded by SMI and its parent company, Waste Connections) are stating taxes will go up as high as 74%. Nothing is further from the truth.

The Council members now in place (Avery, Churchill, Dyson, and DeLelys) are working diligently to hold taxes in line; similar to last year when there was not a tax increase. How fast one forgets – yes, no increase whatsoever. It must be all the negative mailers we receive weekly from that mega landfill consortium that makes us forget. Thank you Doug, Steve, Dawn, and Dave for a job well done. Imagine “back to back years” with no tax increases.

The purpose of me sharing these tax rate percent differences is to better inform our community’s taxpayers. Facts matter; truth matters. A zero percent increase is much different than a 74% increase. These “scare tactics” are getting old. Agree?

A vote for Doug Avery and Dave DeLelys is the wise choice. Yes, truth matters!

Brad Jones
2022 Budget Committee Volunteer

Seneca Falls, NY