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Pfizer is FDA approved, now what about Moderna and Johnson & Johnson?

The FDA announced the full approval of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday, allowing various establishments to start mandating the vaccine.

Moderna applied for full FDA approval in May of this year and J&J hopes to do so this year as well.

The FDA is allowing emergency use for the booster shots with Moderna and Pfizer, but those are not fully FDA approved.

Right now it’s only organ recipients and immunocompromised people that can get the booster, but Biden’s administration is hoping to gain emergency approval for everyone else in the fall.

J&J is taking longer for FDA approval because it came out later than the other two vaccines and wasn’t available until this past March.

With COVID cases on the rise due to the Delta variant, a million shots were administered this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday after the rate of vaccination had significantly dropped in July.

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